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Introducing This Season's SUMMER BBQ KIT!

Get ready to elevate your summer grilling experience with our all-new SUMMER BBQ KIT! This year’s kit features our absolute favorite, and your new go-to, Coriander Vinegar Spray. Made by infusing freshly harvested green coriander with local apple cider vinegar, this spray enhances the flavor and tenderness of whatever you're grilling or smoking.

What's Inside?

1. Coriander Vinegar Spray:
Infused with locally sourced apple cider vinegar by Macy's Apples & Hives, this spray will become your grilling essential. Just a spritz adds a burst of flavor and tenderness to meats and veggies alike during grilling or smoking. 

2. Chive Blossom & Red Pepper Rub: 
Perfect for chicken, fish, or veggies, this rub is a delightful blend of dried chive blossoms, red pepper, parsley, and a hint of sage, all combined with our housemade lemon sea salt. It's a versatile addition to any BBQ setup.

3. Smoked Chili Rub: 
Designed for smoking pork, lamb, or beef, this rub features our farm-grown and dried chilis, garlic, dried lemon peel, and Vietnamese white pepper. It brings a deep, smoky heat that’s sure to impress.

4. Heirloom Bean Blend & Maple Smoked BBQ Beans:
Enjoy the rich, hearty flavors of our heirloom beans blend featuring our easy BBQ Baked (or Smoked) Beans. They’re the perfect side dish for any barbecue feast.

5. Marshall's Haute Sauce Smoked Habanero BBQ Sauce:
Winner of the prestigious Scovie Award, this sauce redefines BBQ flavor. By deconstructing traditional barbecue sauces and eliminating common allergens like gluten, anchovies, Worcestershire, and corn starch, Marshall created a masterpiece. This Smoked Habanero BBQ Sauce is a blend of carefully chosen spices and locally-grown vegetables, delivering a smoky, slightly spicy taste with a warm finish from cinnamon and clove. It’s a must-have for all BBQ enthusiasts.


We source from the best local farmers and ranchers, ensuring you get only the finest cuts. Our commitment to ethical animal raising, regenerative practices, and organic standards guarantees you not just a meal, but a feast that's both delicious and responsibly produced. With real relationships driving our expertise, you can trust that every bite is a testament to our values and dedication. 

Our pork products are sourced from McIntyre Pastures and Malheur River Meats. Our chicken comes from Square Mile Ranch, McIntyre Pastures and Wilsey Ranch. 

Why Choose Our SUMMER BBQ KIT?

**Locally Sourced Ingredients:** We pride ourselves on using farm-grown and locally sourced ingredients for maximum traceability! Plus- locally sourced and farm grown just tastes better!

**Flavorful Enhancements:** Each item is crafted to bring out the best in your grilling, smoking, or roasting AND making your life and time in the kitchen easier.

 **Award-Winning Sauce:** Our Smoked Habanero BBQ Sauce is a standout, perfect for those who appreciate a good BBQ sauce without the common allergens AND sourced from local farmers.

Don't miss out on this season's ultimate BBQ companion. Order your SUMMER BBQ KIT today and make every grilling session unforgettable!

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